The profession of dog walking is one of the more flourishing jobs in a number of countries around the world. Most people around the world would love to adopt a dog as their pet, while there are many who already own one or more dogs in their homes. However, keeping a dog as a pet requires a number of basic activities with the dog to ensure their well-being, walking them being one of the most important such activities.

Why is Dog walking a flourishing industry?

While most people love to own dogs as their pets, not all of them are able to dedicate the time and effort needed for the basic caretaking of these animals. Some people even do not have the basic skill sets to take efficient care of their pets. They simply love to play with these animals and have a good time. Hence, many such dog owners are always on the lookout for professional trainers, cleaners, and walkers for their pets to ensure their proper care and maintenance. This has caused the dog walking industry to flourish tremendously in a number of countries around the globe.

Basic skills sets necessary for every Dog walking personnel

In order to be a proficient dog walker, there are a number of basic skills that a person must possess. These skills will not only make their task easier but will also ensure that they are able to develop a strong bond with the creatures. Some of these basic skills include:

Quick understanding of different situations
Ability to adapt quickly
Command over their voice
Ability to talk in different tones

These skills will allow a person to work with a dog in every situation and ensure that they can be taken care of efficiently. Moreover, a person must also know how to treat a dog properly and be aware of the common misconceptions that can ruin a relationship with such animals. Dogs also have a set of strong likes and dislikes, and hence, it is important to keep these characteristics in mind when working with such pets. It is also important to understand that no two dogs are similar, and it is important to approach every dog according to their behavior and characteristic traits.

Best ways of approaching or meeting a dog for the first time

One of the most basic activities of any dog walking job is to approach the pet for the first time. Dogs can bond with humans instantly if approached in the proper manner, and this is what every person in the dog walking business must learn to master. There are a few ways of meeting or approaching a dog for the first time. These aspects have been discussed below.

It is critically important to understand that no two dogs may have similar characteristic behaviors. Their characters often tend to depend on the kind of environment they have grown up in and the behavior meted out to them by the people around. Their characteristic traits tend to develop in a similar manner as those of humans. Hence, it is important to spend some time trying to understand the character of every dog while approaching them.

It is important to avoid looking directly into the eyes of a dog when meeting it for the first time. Although very loyal and valiant creatures, dogs also tend to be very wary and scared as well. Hence, they tend to feel threatened if an unknown stranger stares into their eyes for long. This, however, does not mean that there should be no eye-contact. It is best to look into their eyes for brief moments before turning away and then returning back. The duration, at any point, should not be too long to make the eye-contact threatening for the animals.

It is a common misconception that every dog wants to sniff or lick the hands of a person when they meet for the first time. Dogs, do like to get close to people they love, but they also need time to get properly acquainted for such activities. This is, in fact, quite similar to normal human behavior. Hence, shoving a hand in the dog?s face the first time you meet them may not be the best way to approach the creature. This gesture also appears threatening and may cause the animal to react violently in an act of defense. Moreover, dogs can smell objects very far away, and do not need you to shove your hand upon their face for them to acclimatize your presence.

One of the best ways to meet a dog for the first time is to walk up to the owner and ignore the creature completely. This ignorance will make the animal want to approach you. Dogs like being pampered and loved, and when they do not receive them upfront, they try to look for ways to derive that out of you. Hence, the ignorance will make them approach you and ease your first meeting.

It is always advisable to avoid thrusting yourself upon the dog. Make an initial approach and then hold back awhile. Let the creature make the next move. If it feels comfortable in your presence, it will definitely move towards you. Otherwise, move away and give it another shot sometime later. Avoid making a subsequent move almost immediately. Just like humans, dogs also detest strangers force themselves upon their face.

Always use affirmative, yet a calm and low voice when approaching a dog for the first time. Avoid ?baby-Talking? to them despite their appearance. It is important to remember that you are a complete stranger to them and they do not share a comfortable camaraderie with you yet. However, a low and friendly voice will draw them towards you and make them less aggressive.

What to do if the Dog does not allow you to leash it before walking?

The best thing to do during such situations would be to leave the creature alone for a while. If you try to force a leash on a dog, there is every possibility that it might become violent. On the other hand, if you try to calm it or pat it and then try to attach the leash on it, it may or may not work. This depends on the characteristic behavior of the dog. However, if you leave the creature alone for a while and then give it another shot, there is a very good chance that it may allow you to leash it. After all, even a dog loves a walk, and if you are unwilling to take the creature for a walk without a leash, it will allow you to attach the leash.

There are a number of other basic tricks that you can use to make a good first impression on the animal. You need to be aware of what a dog likes and what they dislike and behave accordingly. This will not only help to make your task easier but will also go a long way in enhancing your abilities and skills as a professional dog walker.

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